X10DR Wireless Mic

PTT away from the vehicle

Communication is critical for safety and efficiency, but getting the job done sometimes has to come first. Many mobile radio users face this dilemma between safety and mission as their radio stays behind in their vehicles while they are on foot outside the vehicle.

What if that dilemma became a thing of the past? What if you could roam free of your vehicle and stay in touch with your team while working inside buildings or off-site? This would mean no more wasting time in the vehicle waiting for dispatches and no more going into situations knowing you can’t get backup in an emergency.

All of this is possible with the X10DR (pronounced extender). The X10DR is an elite wireless mic with revolutionary technology that allows field personnel to leave their vehicle but stay in uninterrupted communication with other team members and dispatchers using their vehicle-mounted UHF/VHF radio.

The freedom to work away from the vehicle without losing radio connection is groundbreaking for teams that are always on the move in fields like law enforcement, first response, utilities, and disaster recovery.

Even in low-risk situations, the X10DR can be a game-changer as one of our utilities clients discovered. During the pandemic, off-duty technicians that were on call could bring the X10DR into their homes to monitor dispatches which dramatically increased efficiency and response time.

Outstanding features of the X10DR include:

  • 500 meter range (1600 foot) away from the vehicle
  • 24+ hour battery life with 4 hour recharge (1450 mAH internal battery)
  • Duress alarm to call for help while away from the vehicle
  • Find Me™ audible user locator to quickly locate a non-responsive team member
  • Auto Relay Mode allows the handset to continue to communicate with linked handsets if the connection with the vehicle is lost

Are you chained to your vehicle’s mobile radio?

Need to go farther than 500 m from the vehicle? Command relay mode allows a handset within range to serve as a “remote” or designated relay master handset with the press of a button. The other handsets can then stay connected to the gateway through that relay master.

By connecting the X10DR to a radio over IP (RoIP) gateway such as the Explorer 323 you achieve nearly limitless connectivity and interoperability with other teams, office personnel, or even outside agencies. With RoIP, radio signals are transmitted via IP network or satellite connection. This means messages can be sent anywhere, anytime, to any integrated device.

Break free and never find yourself chained to your vehicle’s mobile radio again with the freedom, safety, and reliability of the X10DR.

Contact a Skymira expert to learn more about how to harness the power and flexibility of the X10DR for your team.