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New Skymira P25 IP Relay

The Skymira P25 IP Relay is a highly secure portable P25 network. Brand new technology allows the IPR to transmit all phase 1 audio and data including subscriber ID, GPS location, and emergency alerts. Its innovative design makes the IPR vendor and network agnostic so it can connect any conventional P25 radio over any IP network including LTE, FirstNet, and/or satellite. By bringing your own P25 network with you, you never have to worry about being out of range again.

Does your company or government agency use push-to-talk radios? Does your radio network give you a headache with annoying gaps in coverage? Do you have radios in remote locations that need to talk to each other? And what about unexpected disruptions from hurricanes and pandemics!!

The answer to all of these problems… Radio over IP or RoIP for short.

What’s in Your RoIP Toolbox?

We have a toolbox full of only the best, high-quality RoIP products and services which can be tailored to your needs. Instead of offering a pre-packaged deal with equipment you’ll never use, we adapt to your workflow. These RoIP solutions can be integrated into brandname land mobile radio (LMR) networks including Motorola, Bendix King, Kenwood, Tait, and others.

FirstNet asked, “What can you do if FirstNet goes down?”

Remote Push-to-Talk

Is Here To Stay
The evolution of remote work has dramatically accelerated due to the pandemic and related lockdowns. Dispatchers and front-office staff have been working from home, mobile teams have had to stay in touch without meetings. Every industry has had to adapt to this sudden shift to remote work for at least some employees.

Even when offices reopen and in-person meetings become commonplace again, the future is here to stay. The flexibility of off-site work has streamlined workflow and saved costs while reclaiming commute time and increasing productivity. In order to keep up with these developments, it will continue to be more important than ever to have reliable remote communication technology such as RoIP so your teams can keep moving together when they’re apart.

If Zoom has been the champion of long-distance office meetings, radio over IP (RoIP) is the lifeline for teams that use PTT. RoIP enables remote teams to stay connected without changing the way they’re used to operating. One of the largest tugboat companies in the US is a great example. Dispatchers who were traditionally located at onsite fleeting areas were required to work from home. With traditional radio connections, this would have been difficult or impossible. But with Skymira’s RoIP technology, these dispatchers continued to PTT and business carried on as usual.

The move to a more modern, flexible integration of on-site and remote employees requires a more modern approach to communication networks. RoIP provides an ideal solution because it modernizes current PTT networks while integrating modern devices. Call or chat with one of our RoIP experts to learn more about how RoIP can solve remote PTT challenges.

Make Your LMR Network Better

with RoIP

Who We Serve

Public Safety
We serve government agencies and industries that use push-to-talk communications. This includes a wide range of sectors including utilities and energy, transportation, first responders, wildland fire, government agencies, and businesses.

From hospitals with mobile test sites to pet stores, and from ironworks to tugboats, Skymira has the expertise to tailor a RoIP solution to streamline your operations. Our competitive flat rates and tailored solutions make budgeting simple.

Don’t know if you’re a good candidate for RoIP? Ask one of our RoIP experts.

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