Vocality RoIP Gateway

Do you need to connect different brands and kinds of radios? Do you have teams on different bandwidths who need to connect? Do you want to add smartphones and other modern devices to your existing land mobile radio (LMR) network? Do telephone and radio users need to communicate?

All of this is possible with the Vocality RoIP gateway. This amazingly compact and powerful gateway is the industry’s best when it comes to interoperability. A communication powerhouse, it has seemingly endless possibilities when it comes to connecting disparate devices and networks.

Whether you need to connect radios on different frequencies from various manufacturers or want to include smartphones, tablets, VoIP phones, and PCs, Vocality has what it takes. These incredible interoperability features make seamless connections between any of the devices on your network not only possible but easy.

Vocality RoIP Gateway

Unify your communications

Another key feature is the vocality gateway’s ability to automatically and seamlessly switch between satellite, Wi-Fi, cellular, and terrestrial networks based on availability or user preference. This automatic failover capability is a lifeline during emergencies when one or more communication networks may be compromised and ensures means your communications network is always online. Vocality makes sure your mission critical communications and dispatches go through.

Based on RoIP (radio over IP) technology, radio devices connected through the Vocality gateway can go beyond line-of-sight and no longer rely on radio towers. This means that gaps disappear, disasters no longer pose a communication threat, and the possibilities for connecting across distances and beyond line-of-sight are endless.

The Vocality gateway is design compatible with most devices including traditional land mobile radios (LMR) of all major types, frequencies, and manufacturers as well as non-traditional devices:

  • Handheld radios
  • Vehicle radios
  • Portable radios
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • PCs
  • VoIP telecoms
  • PSTNs
  • Dispatch consoles
  • And more

The enhanced continuity between devices, networks, and teams solves coordination nightmares and gives coherence that leads to improved workflow and efficiency.

Vocality’s Crossband interoperability allows multiple radios on different bands to communicate giving different agencies or blue light services an easy and effective way to interconnect for regular operations or in case of emergencies and other events.

Other outstanding features include:

  • Silence suppression
  • Packet aggregation
  • De-jittering
  • Efficient but clear voice compression for bandwidth savings and clearer, more reliable calls
  • Advanced security features including transport layer security and IPSec tunnels
  • Compatibility with third party radio dispatch solutions and mobile apps
  • Serial control of mobile radios
  • External power
  • Scalable audio port density

Vocality RoIP facilitates reliable, real-time communication on par with LTE and 5G and creates interoperability between disparate devices.

Contact a Skymira RoIP expert to learn more about how Vocality can solve your communication and interoperability challenges for increased efficiency and performance.

Vocality Radio Gateway Extension

Backpack (contains associated mounting accessories, battery, battery-to-RoIP power cable and Vocality RoIP with integrated LTE)

Rackmount Kit

The Vocality Rack Kit provides users with a simple to install rack-mountable solution for Vocality RoIP.

  • 19 inch 1u rackmount kit for Vocality RoIP.
  • Mount up to three Vocality RoIP gateways side-by-side.
  • Colour coded front panel to match Vocality RoIP.
  • Integrated power supply mounts.
  • Easy access to front and rear ports.
  • RoIP units attach securely to Rack Kit via screw mounts.
  • Includes blanking covers for empty slots.

Question: What is vocality RoIP?

Answer: The Vocality RoIP gateway extends radio range, interoperability, and reliability by routing voice messages over IP networks. Some of the key benefits of Vocality RoIP are crossband interoperability, automatic network failover, and infinite range for land mobile radios. Skymira’s RoIP solutions make it easy to harness the power of Vocality for your existing land mobile radio network.

Question: How do you use vocality?

Answer: It is easy to use the Vocality RoIP gateway. You simply continue to use your push-to-talk radios as usual once they are connected to the Vocality gateway. As part of Skymira’s tailored RoIP solutions, the Vocality gateway is easy to install and connect to your IP network(s) of choice including satellite, LTE, FirstNet, fiber, and more. 

Question: What solutions include the Vocality gateway?

Answer: The Vocality gateway is radio over IP (RoIP) gateway that is integrated into various communication solutions to increase radio range and interoperability. Solutions that include the Vocality gateway include radio systems for law enforcement operations, emergency response, disaster relief, and remote connectivity.