Space technology and down-to-earth Skymira experts mean your push-to-talk (PTT) communications can work anywhere on the planet.

Skymira has been providing cutting-edge solutions since 1998. Deploying mobile email before smartphones existed, hosting Software as a Service (SaaS) before the Cloud, and delivering workflow automation applications before the wireless internet are a few examples of how Skymira stays at the forefront of technology advances.

  • enabling remote workers to PTT from smartphones, tablets, or laptops with existing portable radios (walkie talkies) on the factory floor and mobile radios in vehicles,
  • hardening communications against natural and man-made disasters,
  • ensuring personnel can PTT from ANYWHERE.

We make the complexities of finding the right solutions and integrating them into your communication network easy. We study your workflow and tailor a solution to match your plans and needs.

Using RoIP over satellite, LTE, FirstNet, or private IP networks, Skymira is solving common radio network challenges. This gives commercial businesses and government agencies a step up in operational efficiency and performance.

If you’re looking for a RoIP PTT communication solution that is tailored to meet your unique challenges and needs, Skymira is positioned with the expertise and technology to help. Contact one of our experts today to find out more about developing a communication system that matches your workflow.

A guiding principal at Skymira…

Perfection is expected, excellence will be accepted.

My interpretation…

Nobody is perfect although there are a significant number of people who get up every morning and give it one hell of a try. I’d like the privilege of working with as many of those people as possible.

Robert F. Landsfield
Skymira Founder & CEO