When you hear the words satellite RoIP, what comes to mind?

If you’re like a lot of the LMR users we’ve talked to over the years, you may think of one or more of the following misconceptions. Each of these stereotypes exists for a reason, but it’s time to retire them – at least when it comes to Skymira’s RoIP 2.0 solutions.

Misconception #1: Insanely Expensive

Who ever heard of flat-rate, talk-all-day satellite PTT? It isn’t one of Willy Wonka’s ideas – it’s real and makes satellite PTT comms practical for everyday applications. Get radio interoperability and 100% coverage on an affordable plan you can always count on.

Misconception #2: Frustrating Latency

Historically, satellite communications have come with latency problems that vary from irritating to impractical. Skymira’s solutions have latency on par with LTE for a seamless user experience. (Relax, you can still take a lunch break.)

Misconception #3: Jason Bourne’s Sat Phone

We all know that not everything from Hollywood is realistic – especially when it comes to spy movies. Jason Bourne can use sat phones inside buildings because he’s Jason Bourne. The rest of us need line-of-sight to the satellite. Don’t worry, though, that doesn’t mean what you’re thinking…

Misconception #4: Television Rain Fade

If you’re thinking about the way your satellite TV connection struggles in the rain, rest assured. The satellite we put on vehicles with an Explorer Gateway or GoKIT™ uses an entirely different satellite band – L-Band – which is optimized for mobile vehicles. Perfect for critical communications, Skymira’s satellite solutions don’t get rain fade and aren’t blocked by leaves and similar obstructions.

Misconception #5: Missing in Action

Hurry, it’s an emergency…time to find the right closet, safely brush away the accumulated dust, pull out the instruction manual, desperately find a team member who remembers the right protocols, work out the kinks…

When we say Skymira’s RoIP 2.0 solutions are totally different, we mean they eliminate that whole process. Because they’re affordable and integrate into your existing LMR network to solve your everyday communication challenges, none of that is necessary. Familiar configuration and frequent use mean your satellite system – equipment and users – will be ready when disaster strikes.

In other words, you can get affordable, LTE-quality, weather-independent, disaster-hardened satellite communications.

Interested in integrating satellite RoIP into your land mobile radio network to eliminate RF network gaps, gain interoperability, and create disaster-resilience? Contact a Skymira expert today to find the right configuration for your workflow.

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