The Orbcomm satellite terminals provide global vehicle and asset tracking and monitoring. Both terminals provide:

  • Global satellite coverage
  • Rugged, environmentally sealed design (rate for IP67 ingress protection)
  • Customizable software integrations
  • Next-level internet of things (IoT) connectivity
  • Flexible remote monitoring
  • Premium SCADA capabilities
  • Reliable GPS tracking

Both terminals are perfect for many commercial and government applications in industries including wildland fire, transportation, oil and gas, utilities, maritime, law enforcement, and more.

ST 6100 Terminal

The Orbcomm ST 6100 Terminal offers excellent GPS tracking and IoT capabilities. This terminal enables vehicle and asset tracking and monitoring through a global satellite network. This delivers uninterrupted visibility even in remote or disaster-stricken locations.

Many of our wildland fire customers use the ST 6100 for coordinated GPS tracking of their fleets of firefighting vehicles and other assets. The reliable data and easy integrations make it a great solution for Dingell Act compliance and NIFC collaboration.

ST 9100 Terminal

The Orbcomm ST 9100 Terminal takes things a step further. This dual-mode terminal provides both LTE and satellite connectivity. With two networks, it’s easy to ensure mission critical transmissions are always transmitted real-time over a global satellite network. Routine and non-emergency data, on the other hand, can be inexpensively transmitted over cellular networks.

This cost-effective flexibility can make the ST 9100 a good option for customers who are looking to monitor diagnostics, sensors, and alerts or to control assets remotely. The fully programmable framework and flexible architecture allows for custom device-level applications.

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