Smartphone PTT

Integrate remote workers

Smartphone Push to Talk

Turn your smartphone, tablet or computer into a push-to-talk radio, wireless intercom or Computer Aided Dispatch system (CAD) with the VCOM app.

Installing a push-to-talk (PTT) app on smartphones, tablets, or laptops is perfect for remote workers and allows seamless communication with portable radios on the factory floor or mobile radios in vehicles.

Smartphone PTT is highly scalable allowing thousands of users and unlimited channels. This makes it perfect for person to person, person to group, or group to group communication.

Each device on the network can be configured for talk, listen, or talk/listen giving you ultimate flexibility and operational control. The status of each associated channel is easily seen in the app with its intuitive color-coded design.

With an integrated SIP server, the app can directly interface with RoIP services, SIP devices, IP phone systems (VoIP), land mobile radios (LMRs) and satellite mobile radios. This means that it can be used independently or easily integrated into your current radio network.

Full multi channel / multi access, non-blocking point-and-click communications with virtually unlimited Point-to-Points (private channel between any two operators), Group Calls (one caller to many listeners), and PLs (group conferences or “Hoots”)

Selectors (keys) can be configured for Talk, Listen, or Talk/Listen

Selectors dynamically indicate the state of the associated channel; offline (gray), online (green and/or red), actuated (bright green and/or red), channel activity (color oscillates), incoming call (fast flash), device active tally (slow flash), in-use tally (slow double flash)

Integrated SIP server can directly interface with SIP devices and IP phone systems, Push-to-Talk (PTT) Services, Land Mobile Radios and Satellite Mobile Radios.

The incredible ability to monitor and manage so many channels makes smartphone PTT an obvious choice for many operations. But not all smartphones can keep up. If you need a rugged smartphone built for heavy-duty use, Sonim has you covered. Designed and built to survive hazardous environments, these ultra-reliable devices make smartphone PTT a real possibility for people who do real work.

Push-to-talk (PTT) has entered a new era. Still the simplest, most efficient form of communication for commercial and government applications, PTT now embraces the world of modern devices such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Contact a Skymira expert to learn more about harnessing the power smartphone PTT to increase your efficiency and performance.