Skymira GoKIT™ –
Real-time Communications on the Go

Skymira’s portable GoKIT™ pushes reliable push-to-talk (PTT) communication out to the edge. It provides freedom and flexibility in a box you can take anywhere. The GoKIT™ is a perfect solution when you work:

  • in remote areas
  • at changing work sites
  • in disaster zones
  • anywhere you need quick, simple PTT

The GoKIT™ gives you what you need in a small, rugged package.

This simple, easy-to-use solution is a game changer for disaster recovery teams, government agencies, utility operations, transportation groups, and others who need to quickly set up reliable, secure communication. GoKIT™ is the ultimate Portable radio over IP (RoIP) option and allows you to go where radio and cellular networks have failed, don’t exist, or are compromised.

You can use a GoKIT™ on its own or connect it to other mobile or portable radios to create a RoIP repeater. This flexibility allows you to maintain contact with team members who are out of line-of-site and makes it possible to stay connected with headquarters or keep in touch with mobile teams in places that would usually be out of network.

With the GoKIT™ you can maintain continuity, streamline operations, reduce redundancies, and know that backup is only a message away no matter where you go.

Capabilities and Benefits

A turn-key communication package, the GoKIT™ is packed in a customized Pelican case designed for rugged use. Wherever you go, it is easy just to open and use.

Skymira’s GoKIT™ offers a solution to many PTT and cellular communication challenges including:

  • Range – because the GoKIT™ is equipped with an Explorer Gateway, its range is not limited like traditional PTT hubs. Utilizing the GoKIT’s satellite RoIP connections eliminates geographical boundaries since you can connect with headquarters or other team members from anywhere there’s satellite coverage.
  • Interoperability – the RoIP gateway means a GoKIT™ has nearly limitless interoperability. Where traditional radios can only connect with certain devices, brands, and bandwidths, RoIP-enabled connections allow for seamless communication between modern and legacy devices across bandwidths and groups. This includes pairing with internet-connected devices such as smartphones, tablets, and dispatch consoles – turning otherwise disparate systems into a unified PTT network.
  • Reliability – the RoIP capabilities and rugged design make the GoKIT™ resilient and reliable. Satellite RoIP connectivity means the GoKIT™ doesn’t rely on terrestrial infrastructure so it isn’t effected by distances, outages, weather conditions, natural disasters, or terror attacks like a traditional radio repeater would be. Automatic failover means that even if you’re utilizing local LTE or cellular networks, the gateway will make a seamless transition to satellite if there are glitches or the network goes down.
  • Security – instead of using public bandwidths, the GoKIT™ can establish secured, private satellite connections with AES-256 encryption which is used by federal agencies.
  • Affordability – GoKITs make satellite communication an affordable option. Once implausible, satellite communications are now an attainable reality because of the high-quality, affordable equipment and competitive flat rates for RoIP satellite connections which make budgeting and analysis simple.


Included in a standard GoKIT™ are a:

  • Rugged Pelican Case – designed especially for durability in challenging conditions
  • Explorer 323 Terminal – satellite RoIP connections anywhere any time
  • Satellite SIM Card – your ticket to real-time communications
  • Magnetic mount kit – makes mounting the GoKIT™ easy
  • Explorer Mobile Gateway – PTT doesn’t get easier than this
  • LMR Crossband cable – connect your radios and instantly create a mobile repeater that can connect beyond line-of-sight
  • Cables and adapters – specifically matched to your needs and equipment

Specialized configurations are also available.


What is the GoKIT™?
Skymira’s GoKIT™ is a turn-key communication package that pushes real-time communications out to the edge. The Explorer terminal creates a satellite RoIP connection for reliable communications. Packaged in a custom Pelican case for durability, the GoKIT™ is designed for rugged conditions. With a simple plug and talk configuration, the GoKIT™ allows you to go anywhere knowing backup is just a message away.

The GoKIT™ includes:

  • Rugged Pelican Case
  • Explorer 323 Terminal
  • Satellite SIM Card
  • Magnetic mount kit
  • Explorer Mobile Gateway
  • LMR Crossband cable
  • Cables and adapters
Who uses the GoKIT™?

GoKITs are designed for those who work in areas that may not have radio or cellular access. Their rugged, portable design allows teams to establish reliable satellite communications on-the-spot from anywhere in the world.

These unique features make GoKITs a great solution for agencies and teams working in remote locations, at changing work sites, in disaster zones, and anywhere quick, reliable satellite communications are needed.

The GoKIT™ is a perfect fit for businesses and agencies in such industries as:

  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Disaster relief
  • Wildland fire
  • Baja offroad racing
  • Law enforcement
  • Emergency response
  • Federal departments
  • Border operations
  • Security
  • Oil and gas
  • Mining
  • Forestry

GoKITs enhance business continuity, streamline workflow, increase efficiency, reduce risks, and save lives.

Where does the GoKIT™ work?

Equipped with satellite connectivity, GoKITs work anywhere you can get a satellite connection worldwide. Whether you’re

  • heading into a remote area to fight a wildland fire or compete in offroad racing,
  • moving from location to location to install utilities or provide security,
  • entering the wake of the last hurricane to assess damage or offer relief, or
  • facing communication instability or outages for any reason,

a GoKIT™ means you can stay connected in real-time beyond line-of-sight.

Why a GoKIT™?

A GoKIT™ is a portable communication lifeline that means you’re never more than a conversation away from the information or backup you need. Specially designed for quick setup in rugged environments, GoKITs fill a gap in communication solutions by creating an instant connection wherever the need is greatest.

Skymira’s GoKITs solve common communication problems by providing:

  • Range
  • Interoperability
  • Reliability
  • Security
Schedule a free call with a Skymira RoIP expert today to learn more about how the GoKIT™ can help you solve your communication challenges.

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