"Radio over Internet Protocol, or RoIP, is similar to VoIP, but augments two-way radio communications rather than telephone calls. From the system point of view, it is essentially VoIP with PTT (Push To Talk). To the user it can be implemented like any other radio network. With RoIP, at least one node of a network is a radio (or a radio with an IP interface device) connected via IP to other nodes in the radio network. The other nodes can be two-way radios, but could also be dispatch consoles either traditional (hardware) or modern (software on a PC), POTS telephones, softphone applications running on a computer such as Skype phone, PDA, smartphone, or some other communications device accessible over IP. RoIP can be deployed over private networks as well as the public Internet. It is useful in land mobile radio systems used by public safety departments and fleets of utilities spread over a broad geographic area."... Wikipedia

Vocality RoIP Solutions

Vocality's radio-based solutions provide an answer to common radio interconnectivity and compatibility challenges.

Extend Beyond Line-of-Sight Over IP Networks

  • Satellite

  • Cellular

  • WiFi

  • Terrestrial

Devices such as Vocality RoIP, BASICS Radio Relay or BASICS Hybrid allow the direct connectivity of several handsets into the unit, and the push to talk radio conversation and associated signaling is converted into IP.

Unlike a straightforward gateway application, the BASICS units have a special functionality that cannot be found in other gateways. Vocality's PACE functionality allows the radio calls to be extended over IP with the maximum reliability, but the minimum of bandwidth overhead.

A combination of silence suppression, packet aggregation, de-jittering and efficient but clear voice compression bring significant bandwidth savings to the network operator, and importantly, the calls are clearer and more reliable to the user. In this way, users can extend a PTT radio network over:

  • Mobile satellite terminals (Explorer MSAT-G3, Thuraya IP+, Inmarsat BGAN)

  • Field deployed tactical IP (via line of site connectivity, satcom or fiber)

  • Terrestrial IP (extend radio networks for ambulance, taxi or emergency comms)

Connect Push-to-Talk Radios To

  • PCs

  • Smartphones

  • Tablets

  • VoIP

  • PSTN

LMR Interoperability

  • Land Mobile Radio (LMR) over IP

  • Land Mobile Radio (LMR) RoIP conversion

  • Land Mobile Radio (LMR) VoIP conversion

Crossband Interoperability

Connecting multiple radios on different bands into a Vocality RoIP enables different radio networks to communicate.

By using this solution, different agencies or blue light services can have an easy and effective way to interconnect their service, removing the possibility that their services cannot work together in the case of an event. 

Remote Control

Using either in-band E&M signaling, or by using a data circuit (sync or async) carried alongside the radio extension or gateway, remote radio networks can be controlled from a central location.


Vocality RoIP

Cubic Vocality

Vocality BASICS Radio Relay


Vocality BASICS Hybrid

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