Along the Border: Disparate Radios and Coverage Gaps

Operations along the border sounds like a communications nightmare waiting to happen:

  • Multiple government agencies …
  • Out-of-state rangers …
  • Disparate radios …
  • Large coverage gaps …

That’s the reality for federal agencies protecting natural resources and other national interests along the southern border conduct large operations. These operations mean collaborating with other government agencies and bringing in rangers from out-of-state.

Teamwork means you can go further and faster … unless you can’t talk. Everyone is bringing their own vehicles equipped with their own communications equipment – most of which is not compatible with the agency equipment used at the border.

Disparate radios using different channels aren’t much good when you’re trying to pull off a coordinated plan. And, even if you could unify the radios, there are large gaps along the border with no radio or cellular service.

How will they connect scores of personnel using disparate equipment in areas with large coverage gaps? Skymira GoKITs.

Skymira GoKIT™ = Interoperability and Range

A Skymira GoKIT™ is a plug-and-talk RoIP (radio over IP) gateway in a rugged box.

This portable satellite communications lifeline bridges gaps in coverage and creates seamless interoperability between disparate legacy and modern communications devices. All of this comes packaged in a ruggedized case on wheels that is always ready to deploy in minutes and runs off of a 12v plug.

  • Coverage – For agents working on the border, a GoKIT™ means they’ll never worry again about needing backup while out of range. The GoKIT’s Explorer satellite RoIP gateway offers reliable, secure satellite connections anywhere on earth. This ensures that rangers always have a secure connection with dispatch and others in the area.
  • Interoperability – RoIP also means inter-agency, multi-device communication is not only possible but seamless. Satellite transmission allows any radio connected to a gateway to communicate with anything else in the network. This means you can securely integrate different land mobile radios (LMRs), dispatch consoles, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other communication devices.

In other words, as they’re gearing up for this next big operation, they don’t have to worry about communication workflow. By deploying Skymira GoKITs they will see to it that every agency and ranger will have reliable communications they can count on.

Looking for a Solution?

Do you need interoperability between disparate radios or other communication devices? Do you deal with gaps in coverage which interrupt workflow and hamper efficiency?

Connect with a Skymira RoIP expert today to see how a GoKIT™ could help you take your operations to the next level.