GPS Tracking

Improve safety and efficiency

GPS Tracking is available on Skymira’s hosted web portal or stream GPS reports into your Computer Aided Dispatch system (CAD).

Advanced asset tracking — Track the exact location of assets on a map in real-time for complete visibility. Monitor trips from start to finish with breadcrumb reports, access historical information and more.

Access control — Tiered user accounts enable complete access control of different individuals and groups.

Real-time alerts — Get notifications via SMS or e-mail when specific events occur—speeding, location and geofence access, among others.

Geofences — Create circular or polygon geofences and assign them to groups or individual assets. Receive real-time alerts when vehicles enter or leave a geofence or when dwelling times at a specific location exceed configured thresholds.

Detailed reports — Run, schedule or export reports to monitor speeding, asset history, recorded events, entry, exit and dwelling times inside a geofence and more.

Remote control — Respond to a panic alert by immobilizing a vehicle remotely to minimize theft in hijacking situations.

Garmin integration — Communicate with drivers via text messages, assign new stops, check stop status and position.

Driver identification –Assign drivers to specific vehicles to control and monitor access and to enable driver behavior monitoring.

Asset health — Run detailed asset health reports, monitor vehicle performance and manage service schedules to enable preventative maintenance.

Skymira partners with leading manufacturers and network operators including Inmarsat, Orbcomm, Ligado, Cobham, and ViaSat.