Portable RoIP is push-to-talk (PTT) communication over the internet. It allows portable radios and smartphones with RoIP PTT to communicate with each other and with traditional land mobile radios (LMR) and modern RoIP devices.

What if your handheld portable radio had an infinite range? What if you could count on reliable communication even behind concrete walls or in disaster relief areas? What if smartphone and handheld radio users could communicate directly?

All of this is possible with RoIP connected portable radios. Just like traditional portable radios, portable RoIP connected radios are simple and convenient. However, RoIP turns your handheld PTT radio into a communication powerhouse that can always talk with headquarters or with someone around the world. How is this possible?

How It Works

Connecting one of your portable radios to a RoIP gateway enables a group of onsite radios to communicate over LTE, satellite or WiFi networks to other RoIP connected radios.

Instead of sending your message using rapidly deteriorating radio signals, RoIP harnesses the power and range of internet connections to increase the range and reliability of portable radios. RoIP serves as a virtual repeater that can send your message around the block or around the world. Here’s how a portable RoIP radio network works: your RoIP connected portable PTT radio connects with another RoIP connected radio:

You speak into your portable RoIP radio which sends out a radio signal just like traditional handheld radios

A RoIP gateway (essentially a rapid deployment portable repeater) receives your transmission and converts the radio signals into audio “packets” that can be transmitted via LTE, satellite or WiFI networks.

On the other end, the internet packets are received by a RoIP radio gateway and converted back into radio signals which are broadcast to the receiving radio

Smartphones set up with PTT don’t require a RoIP gateway as they receive or transmit the message over the internet directly. This message can be converted into radio signals by a RoIP gateway for the connected two way radios.

This may sound complicated, but with SkyMira’s high-quality hardware and expert service, everything works so smoothly you won’t even know you’re using RoIP.

Benefits of Portable RoIP

Convenience – handheld PTT radios and smartphones with RoIP PTT are simple and convenient allowing team members to focus on their work while staying connected

Flexible Range – using LTE, satellite or WiFi networks, RoIP can connect radios anywhere

Multiple Talk Groups – portable RoIP land mobile radios (LMR) can connect to more than one talk group facilitating efficient communication throughout your organization

Interoperability – RoIP radios can connect with any RoIP radio or device including mobile vehicle radios, smartphones, and computer aided dispatch consoles

GPS Tracking – the IP radio system allow dispatchers and managers to keep track of the location of each device

Easy to Use – because you are using your existing portal radios, there’s no learning curve or re-conditioning for the average user

With our broad range of RoIP equipment, you don’t have to make your problem fit our product, our product can solve your problem with a RoIP solution that meets your exact requirements.

Contact a SkyMira RoIP expert for more information about how you can use portable RoIP to improve the efficiency of your communication today.