Mobile RoIP is push-to-talk (PTT) communication over the internet for vehicle-based radios. It connects vehicles with each other or with other land mobile radios (LMR) and RoIP devices.

Mobile RoIP combines the convenience of simple and rugged mobile radio devices with the impressive reliability and range of LTE and satellite networks.

Why Mobile?

Mobile PTT radios are ideal for most vehicle-based communication because of their simplicity and ruggedness.

Simplicity – It’s hard to get simpler than a PTT radio: push the transmit button, talk, release the button, listen, repeat.

This simplicity of design and use allows users to focus on their work while maintaining critical communication. It also meets communication regulations for most vehicle applications. This means that construction, emergency service, agriculture, transportation, and other users can stay connected and focused through mobile RoIP radios.

Ruggedness – Another key feature of mobile radio is ruggedness. Mobile radios are designed to meet your requirements and are purpose-built to withstand environmental hazards. Wherever you are, these tough machines will keep doing their duty in whatever conditions you find yourself and your team.

Why RoIP?

Traditional mobile radios rely on line of sight. When line of sight is lost due to distance, obstacles, or damage, communication is impossible. This risk of losing communication is often multiplied in difficult and dangerous areas when stable communication is most critical.

RoIP eliminates these concerns by reinventing how PTT messages are transmitted. Instead of relying on radio signals which are easily blocked and quickly fade, the RoIP gateway serves as a virtual radio repeater which sends out your message over LTE or satellite. This simple but revolutionary change rescripts mobile PTT radio communication with incredible strength, stability, security, and interoperability.

Strength – Mobile RoIP enabled radios have superior strength and can communicate with radios over much greater distances than traditional mobile radios. By using a satellite or LTE connection, mobile RoIP radios have a flexible range that can reach headquarters or across the ocean.

Stability – The stability of mobile RoIP is another of its key benefits. You won’t have to worry about dead zones due to obstacles, distance, or infrastructure damage. RoIP has resilience, range, and reliability that allow teams to work and communicate effectively and efficiently no matter the circumstances.

Security – Do you need to have secure communication with vehicles on the move? Internet connections offer many options for security ranging from encryption to private networks. Mobile RoIP will give you confidence and peace of mind as you carry out sensitive or otherwise private communication on the move.

Interoperability – Mobile RoIP has impressive interoperability. With RoIP, your vehicle can connect with traditional land mobile radios (LMR), computer aided dispatch consoles, smartphones, and other radio and RoIP devices allowing you to always stay directly connected with the rest of your team.

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