New Satellite Network Available

If you’ve ever wondered whether you could use Starlink to fill in the gaps in your P25 radio network, the answer is, yes.

It seems that everyone has heard of Starlink. The giant constellation of low earth orbit satellites from SpaceX has gotten a lot of attention. But what a lot of people may not know, is that with Skymira’s reinvented radio over IP (RoIP) technology, you can use Starlink to extend the range of land mobile radios and eliminate coverage gaps.

We’ve done successful radio testing with Starlink using both our Skymira P25 IP Relay and Mobile Gateway. Skymira’s vendor agnostic RoIP solutions allow radio users to take advantage of any IP network including Starlink. With a vehicle-mounted Starlink terminal, you’ll be able to use your radios like usual in the places they don’t usually work.

The Starlink satellite network provides features that make it an attractive option for some users. These features include:

  • High Bandwidth
  • Flat-Rate Pricing
  • Secure Version (Starshield)

High Bandwidth – Computers and Videos

Starlink is a high-bandwidth satellite network. This means that with Starlink you can send videos and other media over satellite. In contrast to many satellite networks that only have bandwidth for push-to-talk communications, Starlink provides more options. You can easily connect and use computers and other devices via a Starlink connection.

The ability to send videos and other data over satellite as conveniently as over WiFi is a game changer for many people from electrical line workers to law enforcement officers.

Flat-Rate Pricing

Unlike old-school satellite networks, Starlink offers flat-rate pricing. This makes it easy to budget and provides affordable satellite-coverage.

Flat-rate pricing is a relatively new development in the world of satellite and radios. Many people still think of satellite coverage as a cost-prohibitive option to be reserved for dire emergencies. But with several satellite network providers offering competitive fixed rates, satellite coverage can now be used for everyday communications to ensure radios work everywhere.

Secure Version – Starshield

For those who need more security than Starlink can provide, SpaceX launched Starshield. In essence, Starshield is a secure version of Starlink. Designed for government and national security applications, it offers a high level of security as proved by its US military contracts.

Starshield offers the same impressive coverage, but with higher security protocols. For users who want the features of Starlink but need higher security, the Starshield satellite network can provide the best of both worlds.


The beauty of a satellite network is that it is not dependent on terrestrial infrastructure. Unlike radio and cellular towers, satellites aren’t susceptible to natural disasters like hurricanes and ice storms. And they easily reach remote areas where towers are not an economical option.

This worldwide coverage and disaster-resilience makes satellite RoIP an excellent option for companies and agencies working in remote areas and disaster zones such as:

  • Energy and Utilities
  • Law Enforcement
  • Oil and Gas Fields
  • Disaster Relief
  • Wildland Fire
  • Border Security
  • Etc.

Interested in learning more about whether Starlink or Starshield will provide the coverage and features you need? Contact our system engineers to get answers for your questions.