At the end of a call last week, the VP of security at a Fortune 500 company said something we hear a lot. “I like it. I didn’t think I would. I came in skeptical.”

What turns skeptics into dedicated users?

Four things about Skymira seem to matter most to those exploring ways to strengthen their communications.

​Proven Reliability

Skymira serves a wide range of customers who require a high standard of quality and reliability. The answer to many questions begins, “when [specific customer] needed a similar option, we did the following which is working well for them.”

The many federal, state, and local government agencies who use Skymira’s solutions, as well as our corporate and industrial clients, have strict security and budget requirements. Knowing that these users recommend Skymira gives prospective customers confidence that they will get the same level of demonstrated reliability.

Quality Components

Skymira carefully selects and develops high quality hardware and software. Every component is chosen for quality and suitability, and each works with the other products we offer. This ensures that customers have the flexibility to grow and update communications systems over time without having to replace initial equipment.

Skymira’s exacting qualification process means every link in the communication chain is solid. This gives customers confidence that they will get the secure, reliable communications they need when they choose Skymira.

Agile Solutions

Skymira specializes in tailored communication solutions. Instead of forcing users to adjust to a one-size-fits-all package, Skymira tailors solutions to individual requirements and workflows. Agile solutions mean Skymira-developed communication systems are working seamlessly in a wide variety of applications.

Having the right system in place doesn’t just keep things running smoothly and efficiently. It also provides huge cost savings since everyone doesn’t have to buy the same bulky package. Getting honest answers about available options and what works best in various environments gives buyers confidence that they are getting the right tool at the right price.

Personal Support

Skymira provides real support from real people. Throughout the lifetime of a relationship, our team is committed to providing world-class service. From answering initial questions and concerns to facilitating demos and installations to providing support and solving problems, prospects and customers can count on timely help from qualified experts.

Each person at Skymira is ready to go the extra mile to make sure customers have what they need. Whether that means making a last-minute delivery to a disaster zone or contacting a hardware design engineer to quickly resolve a configuration challenge, you can count on excellent service with Skymira. This gives users confidence that they can get the support they need to keep their comms online.


Are you tired of one-size-fits all solutions? Do you want to talk to real people who have real answers for your questions or problems? Skymira offers proven reliability, quality components, agile solutions, and personal support. Contact us today to find out how you can strengthen your land mobile radio system and get comms you can count on.