Real-time location tracking for P25 radios is now readily available with Skymira’s GPS tracking API

We keep hearing from customers and GPS mapping providers that the ability to track the location of P25 radios has been on the wishlist for a long time. The ability to reliably track mobile and portable radios is crucial as it increases officer safety and provides comprehensive situational awareness. However, implementing this kind of tracking has been so technically difficult and cost-prohibitive that many have given up trying.

In order to meet this need, Skymira has developed a simple and accessible GPS platform. When paired with the Skymira P25 IP Relay, it allows the RTLS (real Time Location System) tracking of any P25 radio, whether portable or mobile. Our platform uses an API to transmit the GPS locations of these radios to GPS mapping providers. This facilitates effective coordination and rapid emergency response.

Track Multiple Types of Devices on the Same Map

Skymira’s GPS Tracking API provides the unique capability to track multiple types of devices on a single map. Unlike servers offered by an LMR manufacturer which only track OEM branded radios operating within their ecosystem, Skymira’s API allows you to track Motorola, Kenwood, EF Johnson, Harris, Tait, BK, and other radios on the same map.

This seamless aggregation is made possible by hosting Skymira’s GPS platform in the cloud. It acts as a centralized hub where GPS data from devices using various protocols is standardized making it accessible to GPS mapping portals.

This GPS data can be toggled on and off in layers. Operators can view all radios in a territory. Or they can turn off layers to see only certain data at any given time. For instance, dispatchers can turn off layers showing portable radios to see only vehicle locations and vice versa. This provides optimal flexibility and clarity.

One active use case is a multi-agency federal dispatch center in the southwest that uses Skymira’s GPS platform. Hundreds of people and vehicles using multiple devices and radio types are monitored and dispatched from a single location. All of the GPS data from these various devices and agencies is displayed on a single map. This makes coordination simple and provides a level of situational awareness that was previously unattainable.

As this diagram shows, Skymira’s API allows the simultaneous display of GPS data and emergency alerts from radios and devices including:

Use Your Preferred GPS Mapping Program

The Skymira API facilitates LMR asset tracking through any GPS mapping program. Supported programs for asset tracker GPS include:

  • Skymira GPS Portal
  • TAK Server
  • ANF Pre-Attack Platform
  • Other 3rd Party Applications

This flexibility allows organizations with existing mapping infrastructure to continue using it while enjoying the benefits of real-time tracking and enhanced operational readiness. The API is customizable so that users and vendors can easily develop systems and displays that are tailored to their unique situation.

One example is NIFC’s EGP platform for wildland fire management. Departments already using EGP can incorporate Skymira’s API to see the location of individual firefighters, vehicles, and equipment. This GPS location data seamlessly integrates with the existing interface allowing streamlined tracking and coordination.

For those not yet using a mapping platform or looking for an alternative, Skymira’s asset tracker GPS portal provides advanced asset tracking capabilities. It is being used to track everything from trucks and officers to bulldozers and air compressors. With access control, real-time alerts, geofences, detailed reports, and other essential features, Skymira’s GPS portal makes tracking and management efficient and secure.

Realtime Location Tracking and Emergency Alerts

Skymira’s GPS tracking API and P25 IP Relay overcome the technical challenges of mapping P25 radios and provide a more cost effective way to keep track of your people and equipment. Whether you manage three dozen or thirty thousand radios, you can track them all in your GPS mapping program to increase officer safety and provide comprehensive situational awareness.

Contact us to learn more about how you can leverage Skymira’s GPS tracking API to track your P25 radios.