The Need

(For security reasons, the following scenario is hypothetical)

Principal X, a client of a premier private security and personal protection firm, often travels across the border into Central and South America to visit business facilities located in areas without reliable LTE or cellular coverage. He wants to stay in touch with his family and business teams at all times, while his security team needs to stay connected to the central office and protection details of the other family members. Skymira’s innovative and comprehensive solutions make both possible with simple land mobile radio (LMR) integrations using satellite RoIP.

The Solution

In order to achieve this kind of total coverage, Principal X and his security team need satellite connectivity. Reinvented radio over IP (RoIP 2.0) seamlessly routes communications across satellite or LTE to create a reliable network without gaps. This eliminates everyday communications challenges and solves critical problems at the same time it hardens against disasters.

Skymira’s reliable solutions that work with existing equipment – radios, smartphones, and laptops – were just what was needed. The following configuration – designed by Skymira’s experts to match their situation and workflow – gives the security team 100% coverage and gives Principal X peace of mind.


Each vehicle used to transport Principal X and his family is equipped with an Explorer 323 bundle or Skymira GoKIT™. This ensures that anyone in range of the vehicle has communications.

For Principal X this means that he can see where his children are at any time and can call, text, and email his family and business partners as if he’d never left cellular or LTE coverage.

For the protection agents, this provides push-to-talk (PTT) over satellite which means they’re never out of range. Constant connection with the central office for real-time updates and uninterrupted connection with the details protecting the other family members ensures optimum information flow for maximum security and safety.

Residences and Facilities

Each of Principal X’s residences as well as his daughter’s college-town apartment are equipped with an Explorer 540 fixed-site satellite terminal. This ensures that those on the premises – both the security detail and family – are always online even in case of an outage, disaster, or security incident.

His company facilities are also equipped with fixed-site gateways so they’re always connected. Since installing an Explorer 540 terminal, one of their plants was hit by a large earthquake that leveled large swaths of infrastructure and knocked out communications for days. Thanks to the gateway, the plant stayed in touch with company headquarters and was able get needed supplies more quickly. As a result, they were the first in the area to resume operations.


While no one can remember the last time his wife was out of range of a cell tower, Principal X and his oldest son like to take fishing and camping trips in remote Alaska. On occasions like that, the security team brings Skymira GoKITs™ which they mag-mount to rental vehicles. They also bring portable satellite terminals like the Explorer 510 which can be tucked in a backpack and quickly set up for instant connection in the wilderness.


This simple but comprehensive solution factors in all the workflow and safety requirements needed for everything to run smoothly. Principal X can stay in touch with his family to know they’re okay and he can carry on business as usual while on the move. At the same time, the security team always has real-time communications which enhances their already formidable safety protocols and eliminates preventable crises. By adding RoIP 2.0, the entire package is safer and more efficient for everyone.

Why Skymira

Skymira is the ideal solutions provider in situations like this because of a unique blend of expertise, equipment, and experience. 20+ years of experience providing solutions to top-security government and military operations positions Skymira to understand security requirements and offer top-of-the-line encryption with equipment that passes rigorous security tests.

Skymira’s focus on crafting solutions that meet specific workflow and situational needs also sets apart our integrated solutions. When paired with high-quality equipment, affordable flat-rate satellite plans, and world-class reliability, Skymira’s solutions stand out as an ideal choice for those who are security conscious.

Contact a Skymira expert today to learn more about how you can integrate RoIP 2.0 into your communications to achieve reliable coverage wherever you go.