Remote Radio Networks

Wildland fire crews often work in remote areas where huge tracts of land have no radio or cellular coverage. This leaves them without traditional push-to-talk (PTT) communications creating significant operational and safety hazards.

These gaps are worsened when fires melt down existing radio towers and other infrastructure. This creates even larger gaps in coverage at a time when communications are more critical than ever because lives and natural resources are on the line.

Unlike legacy radio towers and repeaters which are subject to network gaps and susceptible to fires and other disasters, satellite radio over IP (RoIP) gateways function as repeaters while adding satellite connections to a radio network. Introducing RoIP frees a network from the limitations of relying on terrestrial infrastructure. It eliminates gaps and creates an inherent flexibility and solid reliability which survives disasters. Essentially, RoIP means teams can PTT anytime, anywhere.

RoIP also facilitates incredible interoperability. By allowing land mobile radios (LMRs) to seamlessly connect with other devices including smartphones, tablets, and laptops, RoIP bridges connection gaps created by disparate devices, brands, and bandwidths.

Filling the Gaps

When it comes to the federal wildland fire community working in remote areas, Initial Action Services (IAS) steps into the gap to provide stable and secure communication services. This means bringing voice communications to remote and devastated areas where traditional networks are non-existent or compromised.

Skymira partners with IAS to create reliable communications systems for federal fire crews. Providing consistent PTT connections in areas with network gaps requires satellite connections. Though satellite is often prohibitively expensive for regular voice communications, Skymira’s Vocality equipment and competitive flat rate satellite connections make this premium solution affordable.

In order to work for wildland fire teams, the system must ensure interoperability between

  • BK DPH 5102
  • KNG M150

Cobham’s Explorer Mobile Gateways facilitate seamless satellite connections between these and other radios. Using Vocality’s gateways allows IAS to harness the power of RoIP to connect radios using whatever network – LTE, WI-FI, or satellite – is most efficient, reliable, and affordable in any location at any given moment. This automatic failover capability ensures that the connection is solid and secure.

You can see the system at work in this Skymira–IAS equipment test. Notice how it simulates a situation where one radio is connecting through LTE and another is relying on satellite:

Because of the affordable reliability of this system, Initial Action Services is able to provide fantastic voice communication support to the federal wildland fire community. Being able to PTT anytime, anywhere reduces risks for wildland fire crews working in remote areas and increases efficiency and cooperation.

What You Can Do

If your company or agency works in remote areas or experiences coverage gaps, Skymira can help you create a tailored solution using affordable satellite RoIP options. The reliability and range that come with a seamless PTT network reduce safety risks and improve operational efficiency and performance.

Using RoIP for your radio network eliminates coverage gaps, hardens communications against disasters, and creates incredible interoperability. Contact a Skymira RoIP expert to learn more about how RoIP could solve your communication problems.