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FirstNet asked, “What can you do if FirstNet goes down?” See Skymira’s answer…

FirstNet was created to avoid the communication outages that followed the attacks on 9/11. Since then, however, it has become obvious that FirstNet is only part of the solution. Because it still relies on terrestrial infrastructure, FirstNet is still vulnerable to disasters and attacks. In this whitepaper, Skymira shows how agencies and companies can use satellite based RoIP to create communications networks that work anywhere, anytime in the event of a FirstNet outage.

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Reshape your Business Communications with RoIP

From the front desk to the mission-critical environments, moving around the country or even the world, two-way radios are connecting more people wherever they work.


  • Business Connectivity
  • Improved Reliability | Crucial for Mission-Critical Communications
  • Increased Productivity
  • Secure Interoperability
  • Network Flexibility
  • Integration | Analog and Digital Radios
  • Cost Effective

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Q: What can RoIP be used for?

A: RoIP can be used for any commercial PTT application and unifies all of your communication networks into one system. It’s especially useful for:

  • gaining broader coverage
  • getting rid of network gaps
  • ensuring greater reliability
  • enabling remote users to stay in touch using PTT
  • integrating smartphones, tablets, PCs, VoIP phones, workstations, and other internet-enabled, modern devices
  • allowing users to monitor or manage more than one channel or group at a time
  • eliminating interference for computer-based users
  • connecting third parties and inter-agency groups

Our clients love the way RoIP connects remote teams, creates smooth communication between front office staff and other personnel, and allows inter-group coordination.

Q: Who is using RoIP?

A: RoIP provides resilient and unified field communication for commercial and government PTT applications. With the rapid evolution of remote work, RoIP has become even more critical for businesses and government agencies using PTT such as:

  • energy utilities
  • transportation
  • manufacturing
  • wildland fire
  • first response
  • law enforcement
  • and others

We’ve helped everyone from barge transport companies to energy utilities and steel plants to federal agency teams solidify communication and eliminate common problems with RoIP. If you have a team using PTT, RoIP can eliminate gaps, integrate modern devices, and protect against downtime.

Q: Do you have to replace all devices on your network?
A: No. RoIP is incredibly interoperable and is compatible with most brands including Motorola, Bendix King, Kenwood, Tait, and others. This means that the RoIP gateways and devices will integrate seamlessly into your existing PTT network.
Q: Do you have to get all of these RoIP devices?
A: No. We offer a lot of high-quality options to ensure the best solution for every need, but they aren’t all for every application. Unlike many of our competitors, we tailor RoIP to meet your needs. This allows you to purchase and integrate only the equipment and solutions you need for increased efficiency and productivity. In fact, RoIP reduces the need for specialized equipment which makes PTT even more affordable and accessible.
Q: How much training is needed?
A: Unlike switching to a new concept which can be hard on employees and productivity, RoIP is typically integrated into an existing radio network and works with current devices. This means that RoIP requires minimal training and conditioning and allows employees to continue to PTT as usual. Personnel operating RoIP gateways will need to become familiar with them, but because of intuitive design this is a simple process especially for existing PTT users.
Q: How often does RoIP technology need to be replaced?
A: In our modern age it seems technology is advancing every day. RoIP, with its inherent interoperability and flexibility, is designed to thrive in this evolving climate. New technology and devices can be integrated into current systems and this interoperability will continue into the future. Our RoIP devices and gateways are designed to last and are built to be robust and work hard in rugged environments. This means they will last for years even in demanding situations.
Q: Why Skymira?
A: Skymira’s RoIP experts excel at creating a tailored RoIP strategy that matches your operational workflow. This means you will receive maximum benefit with minimal adjustment and cost. With our expert service team, large portfolio of high-quality hardware, and access to satellite, LTE, and FirstNet networks, we make it easy for you to benefit from the incredible reliability, flexibility, and interoperability of RoIP.

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