Skymira Client Services

Skymira offers a wide array of client services to assist you with Business Process Automation, QHSE compliance and integrating the Internet of Things (IoT).


There is a dizzying array of technologies, methodologies and confusing acronyms. We call it alphabet soup. This soup creates barriers to fixing business processes or taking advantage of opportunities.

Skymira can help. Examples of our client services include…

Business Process Analysis

Is your team managing business processes with sticky notes, email and spreadsheets? Every task an employee does each day is a process. Breaking down and documenting each step in a business process enables us to determine:

  • Labor cost
  • Resource cost
  • Opportunity cost
  • Risk

This analysis will enable you to take advantage of opportunities for reducing cost and risk. Many times, the analysis reveals instances for recovering lost revenue.

QHSE Compliance

A lot of time and money is spent training employees on Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental policies. Companies often struggle with embedding QHSE policies in daily operational and business processes. This results in a cycle of:

  • Train
  • Monitor
  • Observe noncompliance
  • Train again

Add the ever-changing regulatory landscape and you have a large burden impacting the entire company.

You can reduce this burden by:

  • embedding QHSE into daily tasks
  • selecting appropriate QHSE standards to tailor your management system
  • integrating sensors and other IoT data into your QHSE system

Business process analysis enables us to merge QHSE policy with daily tasks so noncompliance risk is reduced.

System Implementation

Once you’ve identified process(es) and listed your requirements, its time to apply technology. Ask yourself if the system you select should:

  • be flexible to meet today’s requirements and next year’s challenges
  • not create another set of spreadsheets and sticky notes to support the process
  • interface with your existing applications
  • operate offline

We have decades of experience in applying technology to business processes.  Give us a call if you need a little help.

IoT Integration

The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating opportunities for streamlining business processes. Sensors, equipment and vehicles generate key information used in daily operations.

Integrating IoT data can automate:

  • sending alerts
  • generating work orders
  • ordering supplies
  • trending machinery data
  • reducing regulatory compliance risk

Need help selecting a sensor, communication device or embedding IoT data into a business process?  We can help.