Every year it seems that wildland fire season starts earlier and reaches further than before. More area to cover and more fires to fight make operational safety and efficiency more important than ever. The Dingell Act seeks to address this need by requiring wildland fire agencies to be able to track firefighters and equipment.

Skymira’s GPS tracking solutions make it easy for wildland fire agencies to comply with the Dingell Act and collaborate through NIFC’s Fire EGP interface. This tracking and sharing allows agencies to better protect firefighters and fight fires more quickly with efficient interagency cooperation.

Dingell Act

The Dingell Act, also referred to as the Conservation, Management, and Recreation Act, covers a broad range of subjects related to the management of U.S. natural resources. Signed into law in March 2019, the bill incorporates more than 100 pieces of legislation. One of these directly relates to wildland fire management in the attempt to improve preparedness, minimize risk, and reduce human and financial costs.

Among the provisions and regulations of the bill is a requirement for wildland firefighting agencies to operate a “tracking system…to remotely locate the positions of fire resources for use by wildland firefighters.” In other words, it calls for agencies to track, map, and store data about all wildland fire resources.

Skymira GPS Tracking for Simple Compliance

The Dingell Act’s regulatory specifications may seem complicated, but Skymira’s GPS tracking devices fulfill these requirements for wildland fire vehicles. With simple installation, intuitive design, and advanced asset tracking, Skymira makes compliance simple for agencies and firefighters.

1000+ wildland fire vehicles are already using Skymira’s GPS tracking devices to satisfy the mandate as well as to increase safety and improve scheduling and management workflow.

Skymira combines state of the art equipment from leading manufacturers and network operators including Inmarsat, Orbcomm, Ligado, Cobham, and ViaSat together and first class service from industry experts. This makes Skymira’s GPS tracking reliable, affordable, and simple to install and use.

NIFC Interagency Cooperation

Compliance with the Dingell Act isn’t the only benefit Skymira’s GPS tracking offers the wildland fire community. The Bureau of Land Management and US Forest Service wildfire agencies are also using it to facilitate cross-agency tracking and collaboration.

Interagency visibility and efficient resource management are critical during increasingly challenging wildfire seasons. Being able to see each other’s resources allows a new level of cooperation and operational efficiency.

This is coordinated through the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) in the Fire Enterprise Geospatial Portal (EGP) where maps and data related to wildland fire activities across the country are shared with participants. Skymira’s GPS tracking and other solutions seamlessly interface with EGP making it easy to tap into the powerful resources and benefits offered through NIFC.

Being connected through EGP allows first responders, wildland fire teams, and coordination centers to access and share up-to-date situational information about fire perimeters, weather, risks, and resource allocation and availability.


If you are looking to comply with the Dingell Act or to tap into NIFC’s resources and benefits, Skymira’s experts can help you create an easy-to-install, simple-to-use system that works for your agency or company.

Contact Skymira’s experts to find out more about how your company or agency can take advantage of GPS tracking and interagency cooperation today.

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