Off-network OTAR is now possible for P25 radios with a Skymira P25 IP Relay.

Until now, over the air rekeying (OTAR) has required radios to be within range of their home network. However, thousands of radios are constantly deployed in areas outside of the range of a core connected channel. This frequently forces frontline workers to use old encryption keys or turn off encryption altogether.

For obvious reasons, outdated or unused radio encryption creates a major security risk that leaves radios, agents, and operations vulnerable. Thankfully, with the introduction of the Skymira P25 IP Relay (P25-IPR) there is a better option.

Off-Network Over the Air Rekeying

The OTAR radio landscape has changed with the introduction of the Skymira P25 IP Relay (P25-IPR). The P25-IPR can establish a secure link back to the core network no matter where it’s placed. This brings over the air rekeying to the frontlines.

Serving as a portable core connected channel, the P25-IPR facilitates a groundbreaking off-network capability. Now all radios within range of the P25-IPR can be conveniently updated with the newest encryption keys. Instead of maneuvering radios within range of a core connected site, you can bring a P25-IPR to the radios.

It’s easy to carry a Skymira P25 IP Relay in a Pelican case GoKIT or to install it in a vehicle. While facilitating off-network OTAR, the P25-IPR will also provide a portable P25 network for reliable comms and interoperability wherever you go.

Interoperability and Convenience

The need for off-network OTAR is multiplied in multi-agency operations. When several agencies are operating away from their core networks, out of date radios can create security vulnerabilities for the whole operation.

With Skymira P25-IPRs on-site, however, it is possible to rekey outdated radios on the spot. With all the radios up-to-date and resistant to breaches, operations can carry on securely.

As every agency radio tech knows, even where it is possible to get radios in range of the core network it’s a cumbersome undertaking. The P25-IPR cuts out much of this process making over the air rekeying simple and portable.

Since it is vendor neutral, the P25-IPR can facilitate over the air rekeying for any conventional P25 radio including Motorola, Kenwood, EF Johnson, Harris, Tait, BK, and others.


The new Skymira P25 IP Relay changes the game for encrypted radio communications by facilitating off-network OTAR. It connects back to the core of the network regardless of its physical location so that radios can be rekeyed from anywhere.

Thanks to the P25-IPR, agents will no longer have to turn off encryption so they can connect outdated and current radios. With off-network OTAR via a Skymira P25 IP Relay, agents and officers can simply and easily rekey their radios on the frontlines to ensure secure communications.

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