We provide a variety of integrated RoIP solutions that solve common problems for government and commercial land mobile radio (LMR) users. From mobile, portable, and fixed site RoIP solutions that eliminate coverage gaps and facilitate interoperability, to smartphone applications that make it simple to add modern devices to radio networks, our network and hardware components work together to create integrated solutions for radio communication systems.

If you’re dealing with network gaps that leave personnel without coverage on the move, check out how radio over IP (RoIP) eliminates gaps for full coverage.

If you need disaster resilience for your LMR communications network, look into how Skymira’s portable RoIP GoKITs keep real-time communications online while integrating into your existing LMR infrastructure.

If you need reliable GPS tracking for assets and personnel, check out the GPS tracking solutions that are being used by 1000+ wildland fire trucks and countless others for safety and efficiency.

If you’re looking to create seamless interoperability between disparate radios, find out how a Vocality RoIP gateway can unify communications and facilitate cross-agency interoperability.

If you’re looking to integrate smartphones, tablets, dispatch consoles, and other equipment into your push-to-talk (PTT) system, take a look at our
smartphone PTT applications

If you want to keep remote workers in the loop, learn more about the how
Explorer antennas
provide integrated vehicle-based options.

Tailored RoIP Solutions

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Make your radio communications reliable and secure with integrated RoIP solutions


Solve your LMR network problems

Reinvented RoIP integrates satellite connectivity into your LMR system to eliminate RF network gaps, create disaster resilience, and provide seamless interoperability. Learn more about how satellite-enabled RoIP can solve your comms challenges.


Skymira P25 IP Relay

Highly Secure P25 Anywhere

Skymira’s new P25-IPR creates a highly-secure, portable P25 network that transmits all P25 audio and data over an IP network. The P25-IPR is versatile because it works with all P25 radios and operates on any IP network.


Skymira GoKIT™

Get real-time communications on the go

A turn-key communications package in a rugged Pelican case, SkyMira’s GoKIT™ redefines portable RoIP. Easy to open and use, learn more about how the GoKIT™ allows you to take your comms anywhere.                                      


Explorer 323

Get the new standard for BGAN on-the-move

The Explorer 323 and Mobile Gateway package transforms a vehicle into a roving radio tower and internet router. Learn more about how mobile satellite capabilities allow you to take comms wherever you go.                         




Get global asset and vehicle tracking

Orbcomm’s satellite terminals provide reliable GPS tracking and IoT capabilities with flexible integration options. Learn more about how these rugged terminals provide uninterrupted tracking and monitoring.                         


Smartphone PTT

Integrate remote workers and modern devices

Keep remote workers connected with scalable PTT apps for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. Learn more about how you can connect thousands of users on unlimited channels for seamless connections between modern and legacy devices.


GPS Tracking

Improve safety and efficiency

Track vehicles, increase safety, and comply with the Dingell act using Skymira’s GPS tracking solutions. Learn more about how Skymira’s solutions make cross-agency tracking and collaboration simple and work with programs like NIFC.                                                


Vocality RoIP

Unify your communications

Get incredible interoperability with Vocality RoIP. This powerful, compact gateway provides seemingly endless interoperability between disparate devices and networks. Learn more about how to seamlessly connect teams and agencies for unified communications.


Fix FirstNet-Related Problems

What happens if FirstNet goes down?

This free whitepaper shows how integrating satellite-enabled RoIP solutions into your network will ensure secure, reliable communications anywhere, anytime. Learn more about how to harden your comms system against natural and man-made disasters and outages.


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RoIP Solutions in the Real World – Use Cases

Desert GoKIT

Border Patrol

Operations along the border sounds like a communications nightmare waiting to happen: Multiple government agencies, Out-of-state rangers, Disparate radios, Large coverage gaps…


Wildland Fire

Every year it seems that wildland fire season starts earlier and reaches further than before. More area to cover and more fires to fight make operational safety and efficiency more important than…


Royal Bahamas Defense Force

When Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas in 2019, it leveled cellular and land mobile radio towers and repeaters. With no towers standing, there were no communications for quite…


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