Recently there’s been an explosion of LTE-based push-to-talk solutions on the market. These cellular-based options offer better coverage than RF networks and allow you to integrate smartphones and tablets.

But cellular-only options are still fully dependent on terrestrial infrastructure. This leaves them vulnerable to disasters and outages. They also require replacing your existing LMR equipment and they still have network coverage gaps.

In contrast, Skymira has reinvented RoIP to offer solutions that provide all the benefits of a cellular-based option while adding disaster resilience and 100% coverage. Additionally, with RoIP, you can keep the LMR radios and equipment you’re familiar with.

So, how can you choose between cellular-only PTT solutions and Skymira’s RoIP 2.0 solutions?

If you’re happy with your cellular coverage and can afford to have your communications go down during occasional outages, then LTE-based PTT options might work for your application.

But if you need…

  • 100% Coverage
  • Disaster-proofing
  • LMR equipment
  • Interoperability
  • Unified RF networks (LMR/LTE/Satellite)
  • Rock-solid critical comms

…you should consider RoIP.

Skyira’s RoIP solutions keep real-time communications online even in remote areas, through disasters, and over long distances.

If you’re looking for a solution that provides these capabilities, contact one of our RoIP experts today