RoIP Kit

FREE “Radio over IP Information Kit” including technical literature on system components and RoIP topology map for common applications.

Plug wireless gaps with our new “RoIP gateway” – provides full coverage where other cell phone or radio networks can’t.

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Are coverage gaps in your cellular or radio network stopping you from communicating with employees on their smartphones or radios?

“Radio over IP by Skymira” is the answer.

Whether replacing spotty cell phone coverage with push-to-talk (PTT) communication over the internet … or filling gaps where cellular and the internet are nonexistent … Skymira’s tailored RoIP solutions provide reliable, cost-effective communication with all your mobile employees – where and when you need it!

Skymira Radio over IP Gateway is the ideal mobile communications solution for:

  • Utilities
  • Field Service Technicians
  • Security Operations
  • 1st Responders
  • Aviation
  • Manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Drones
  • Field Sales Force
  • Oil & Gas
  • Government
  • Many Others

Features at a glance:

  • Radio networks easily extend across multiple sites or campuses.
  • Compatible with smartphone PTT apps, X10DR wireless mics, and Explorer 323 IP PTT Radio.
  • Integrates easily with your existing Motorola Solutions Wave or other Voice over IP system.
  • Radio crossbanding – enables two radios on different frequencies to communicate.
  • Works with most UHF/VHF radio brands – including Motorola, ICOM, Harris, BK Radio, Hytera, many others.
  • Radios users can call telephone users and vice versa.
  • Connectivity options – Ethernet, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi and satellite bearers.
  • Free RoIP topology map for optimized mobile communication.
  • Free estimates – no obligation.

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