Setting new standards for BGAN On-The-Move

Satellite RoIP transforms your radio network by rerouting your radio messages through satellites so that they can reach virtually anywhere on earth. It also keeps your communication network online during disasters that compromise traditional radio infrastructure. The PTT communication experience for the users on either end is the same as before, but the connectivity and interoperability is on an entirely new level.

Get Rid of Gaps and Survive Disasters

What are radio coverage gaps costing your business in efficiency, opportunity, and safety? What could you accomplish and where could you expand if you could eliminate those gaps?

The simplicity and ease of push-to-talk (PTT) is fantastic for keeping teams connected. But in the past there have always been restrictive limitations on distances and devices in radio networks. Radio over IP (RoIP) changes all of that by eliminating network gaps and incorporating modern communication devices into your land mobile radio (LMR) network.

With satellite RoIP, you can PTT anytime, anywhere:

  • over long distances
  • during disasters
  • inside of large buildings
  • out of line-of-site
  • in areas without traditional radio infrastructure
  • anywhere that has satellite, LTE, or FIRSTNET coverage

More than that, it provides secure, reliable PTT connections as well as phone, text, and email for a wide range of traditional and modern devices such as:

  • Handheld PTT radios
  • Mobile vehicle radios
  • Smartphones
  • Dispatch Consoles
  • VoIP Telecoms
  • Base Stations
  • And more

Explorer – Modern PTT

How do Explorer RoIP gateways connect radios and other devices without the gaps and restraints common to PTT networks that rely on towers and traditional repeaters? The Explorer RoIP gateways serve as virtual radio repeaters sending and transmitting radio signals over IP networks that don’t rely on line-of-site. This means that you can send and receive messages from anywhere.

With solutions for mobile, portable, and fixed-site applications, Cobham’s Explorer technology changes the game for PTT communication. Built to last with rugged, one-piece designs and utilizing the best security available with AES-256 encryption, if you’re looking for a simple, excellent option that can handle your use and let you expand your reach, Explorer’s cutting edge solutions are up to the task.

Whether you are stationary or on the move, the Explorer gateways offer remarkable speed, security, and simplicity. They are compatible with most brands including:

  • Motorola
  • Bendix King
  • Kenwood
  • Tait
  • And others

This means that by adding an Explorer gateway, you can transform your current land mobile radio (LMR) network into a RoIP powerhouse. They will also provide a satellite internet connection which means you can count on phone, text, and email even where LTE is unavailable.

Mobile Vehicle-Based Solutions

Need to PTT on the move? The Explorer 323 and Mobile Gateway essentially transform a vehicle into a roving radio tower and internet router. These small and rugged mobile RoIP repeaters ensure seamless mission-critical communication from the field.

This flexibility has been transformational for wildland fire, first response, law enforcement, disaster recovery, utility, and other teams who are always on the move.

Imagine the freedom and flexibility of being able to:

  • go outside the boundaries of your radio network
  • count on reliable connection over-the-horizon and beyond line-of-sight
  • never worry about what station you’re on
  • connect across bandwidths to connect multiple teams
  • stay online through disasters
  • PTT from smartphones, laptops, and other modern devices

The Explorer 323 is an ultra compact BGAN (broadband global area network) terminal for voice and data communications on the move. Essentially, this means that when it comes to communication, you can do it with the Explorer. You can send and receive communication via:

  • radio report
  • phone call
  • text message
  • email
  • video streaming

Because of its compatibility with LMRs, you can add the Explorer 323 to your existing networks for seamless and transparent connections. Use it alone or as an in-vehicle RoIP repeater to extend or replace LMR networks and remove geographical boundaries. Paired with the X10DR extender, it allows vehicle based teams to get the job done while staying online for safety and efficiency.

When it comes to features, it’s obvious that the E323 is designed with use in mind. With the highest commercial encryption currently available (AES-256), redundant automatic routing between LTE / FirstNet / SAT / LAN, GPS tracking, and rugged hardware designed for years of harsh duty, you can have confidence in your communication network with the Explorer 323 and mobile gateway.

Portable Solution

Skymira’s portable GoKIT™ gives you the ultimate PTT communication freedom and flexibility in a box you can take anywhere. The GoKIT™ is a perfect solution when you work:

  • in disaster zones
  • inside large buildings
  • at changing job sites
  • or wherever you need quick, simple PTT

The Skymira GoKIT™ gives you what you need in a small, rugged package.

This simple, easy-to-use solution is a game changer for disaster recovery teams, government agencies, and others who need to quickly set up reliable, secure communication. GoKIT™ is the ultimate Portable RoIP option and allows you to go where radio networks don’t exist, have failed, or are otherwise compromised.

You can use it on its own, or connect it to other mobile or portable radios to create a RoIP repeater. This flexibility allows you to maintain contact with team members who are out of line-of-site and makes it possible to connect with headquarters or mobile teams in places that would usually be out of network.

With the Skymira GoKIT™ you can maintain continuity, streamline operations, reduce redundancies, and know that backup is only a radio message away no matter where you go.

Fixed-Site Solution

Need reliable radio and internet connections at a specific location? Want to integrate smartphones, laptops, dispatch consoles, VoIP telecoms, and other communication devices into your PTT network?

The Explorer 540 creates a satellite connection to meet your fixed-site needs. Like the E323 but designed for a permanent location, the E540 will connect your site with the rest of the world. No more gaps, bad days, or spotty connections. With fixed-site RoIP, you can rest assured that you’ll have a good connection whenever you need it.

The E540 functions well as a pole mounted repeater connecting your utility hub, job site, office, plant, warehouse or other facility to Satellite, LTE, or FIRSTNET. This enables your communications and dispatches to reach across town or around the world.

By using the E540, you harness the power of RoIP for communication and reduce the impact of emergencies and disasters on your business or agency. This allows you to seamlessly integrate disparate devices, bandwidths, and teams for incredible efficiency and operational integrity.

Internet/Phone Solution

Need to have reliable internet connection when LTE is unavailable and PTT from a smartphone? Explorer connect allows you to harness the power of Explorer’s 323 and 540 BGAN terminals for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other PCs.

This means you can send/receive:

  • phone calls
  • text messages
  • emails
  • video calls and streaming
  • eForms
  • M2M applications
  • radio messages
  • any internet or radio based functions

Wherever you are, Explorer connect allows you to stay in touch with the rest of the world from anywhere – indoors, on the move, downtown, or in the middle of nowhere – on your phone, tablet, or PC.

Stay connected to your team, manage emergencies, and enter new territory with confidence.

A Solution for You

Are you looking to make your PTT network secure, flexible, and reliable? Contact a Skymira expert today to learn more about which solutions can solve your problems and how you can integrate them into your current network to keep your operation on track with improved efficiency and performance.


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