Out of Network

Somewhere along the US border, five federal law enforcement vehicles are out on a tactical operation. Long before reaching the target area, they left behind all radio, LTE, and cellular networks.

In the vast wilderness they patrol, US federal law enforcement agency vehicles are often out of reach of traditional LMR (land mobile radio) networks. In the past, this meant the agents were out of range from the dispatch or operations center and could only contact others in the immediate vicinity using their mobile and portable radios.

This lack of communications with headquarters poses significant risks – no situation updates, no last-minute plan adjustments, and no way to call for backup. Not only does this limit efficiency and effectiveness, it increases costs financially and personally.

Filling in the Gaps

But today, thanks to an Explorer 323 Mobile Gateway bundle installed in agency vehicles, agents have real-time communications even when they are out of network. Using RoIP (radio over IP) technology, the Explorer 323 fills in the gaps in traditional networks by creating stable, secure satellite connections anywhere.

This means that tactical operations can be carried out with constant, up-to-the-minute communications flowing between operations vehicles and the dispatch center. Situation updates, threat warnings, and contingency plans can be discussed as they develop. And it’s easy to call for backup.

With satellite RoIP, it doesn’t matter if dispatch is hundreds, even thousands, of miles away – communication is just as available and just as reliable as if it was around the corner.


When you add an Explorer 323 to a vehicle, users can talk to dispatch over satellite anytime, anywhere. And, thanks to sidetone capabilities, this remote communication doesn’t interfere with transmissions over local tactical channels – both work simultaneously.

This is revolutionary for mobile radio users. The ability to use satellite with sidetone opens up endless possibilities when it comes to creating a reliable push-to-talk (PTT) network that can meet evolving communication needs.

A Case in Use

In the case of these US federal law enforcement agency vehicles operating on the border, they now have an Explorer 323 Mobile Gateway bundle installed in the vehicle to work with the UHF/VHF radios they were previously using. So, when a user keys the mic, it transmits his or her audio over satellite to the dispatcher while simultaneously creating a sidetone over a local tactical channel allowing vehicles in the vicinity to also hear transmissions.

In other words, by adding the Explorer 323, the vehicles can now transmit over remote and local channels at the same time even when they are out of network.

Mobile RoIP

Whether your operations tackle vast wildernesses or experience gaps created by other natural or man-made barriers, the Explorer 323 Mobile Gateway can eliminate those gaps using satellite with sidetone. Experience the freedom of unlimited transmissions over remote and local channels without boundaries or gaps.

Contact a RoIP expert to learn how you can unlock efficiency, reduce costs, and increase safety with mobile RoIP.

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