In order to reduce the impact of disasters, emergency management plans must include robust communication planning. When time is of the essence and the risks are high, good communication and location tracking is central to an effective operation that saves lives.

Skymira’s satellite-enabled solutions integrate into existing land mobile radio (LMR) networks to ensure emergency responders have push-to-talk communications they can rely on no matter what happens. Reliable networks can be set up very quickly to provide secure, real-time communications.

With Skymira’s solutions, you can create disaster-resilient comms, connect remote/mobile teams, get real interoperability, and track GPS locations of radios, vehicles, and emergency response resources.

Create Disaster-Resilient Comms

Radio and cellular networks rely on terrestrial infrastructure that is often compromised or disabled in the wake of disasters. In the past, emergency responders going into these areas had to operate without communications. This led to inefficiencies and high risk levels. Teams on the front lines couldn’t get real-time information, give situation updates, or request backup. Leadership couldn’t verify personnel safety, receive status updates, or revise situational guidelines until teams return at the end of the day.

Skymira’s reinvented radio over IP (RoIP) solutions step into this gap to provide real-time communications during emergencies. By connecting existing two-way radios over satellite, Skymira’s systems eliminate network and coverage gaps. With mobile, GoKIT, and fixed-site configurations, Skymira’s portable networks create flexible systems that connect vehicles, mobile teams, and headquarters no matter what’s going on.

When Hurricane Ian knocked out comms across Florida, bridge crews with Skymira’s GoKITs had real-time communications. Emergency management leaders could see the GPS location of the crews and open roads as soon as they were cleared. With Skymira’s portable radio networks you’ll always know where your people are and have the ability to send and receive real-time updates for increased safety and efficiency.

Connect Remote/Mobile Teams

Working in disaster areas, mobile teams often need to communicate with each other as well as with dispatch. Skymira’s solutions provide simultaneous sidetone capabilities for radio transmissions. This allows messages to be sent to other teams in the area, to the operations center, or both as needed.

Along the US border, federal law enforcement vehicles use this capability during tactical operations. Vehicles in remote areas without radio or cellular coverage can communicate with dispatch over satellite without compromising their connection with others in the vicinity.

Get Real Interoperability

During emergencies, cross-agency and multi-band interoperability is crucial. Responders from different agencies, organizations, and states come together with disparate radios, channels, and protocols. Coordinating across these differences is simple with Skymira’s gateways and relays. With Skymira solutions, interoperability is seamless allowing teams using different radios and bands to talk directly to each other. This reduces confusion in the field as well as at command posts.

After Hurricane Maria downed communications in Puerto Rico, Skymira’s solutions seamlessly connected the disparate radio systems of ground crews, air ops, and logistics centers working to restore power. This allowed coordinated operations to move forward quickly and safely.

Track GPS Locations for P25 Radios and Resources

Keeping track of people and assets is important any time. But in the potential confusion of active emergency response it becomes even more critical. Reliable GPS tracking means needs can be met as quickly and safely as possible. Skymira’s solutions allow GPS location data to be transmitted over satellite from disaster zones to anywhere else on earth for simplified tracking, planning, and coordination.

The new Skymira P25 IP Relay (P25-IPR) takes things a step further, allowing individual P25 radios – including portable radios – to be tracked. With the P25-IPR you can track every person, vehicle, and emergency response resource in the field from a single location. This is a game changer for emergency management planning and enables a new level of safe, efficient disaster response.

What’s Your Plan?

Does your emergency management plan include robust communication solutions that will ensure secure, reliable comms after disasters? Eliminate radio coverage gaps, connect remote teams, and get real interoperability for your emergency response operations with Skymira’s proven solutions.

Contact our system experts today to make sure you’re prepared to keep your critical communications online during emergencies.

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