Looking for a way to run cords through your vehicle windows without letting heat, rain, wind, or sand in? It’s time to raid the pool noodles!

Our engineer, Daniel, shared the following steps which allow you to pass a cable through a window while creating a weather-tight seal without damaging the cable.

  1. Cut a regular pool noodle to the length of the window’s upper edge
  2. Plug the holes at both ends with pieces of pool noodle
  3. Drill a hole through the pool noodle just big enough to force the cable through – make the hole at an upward angle
  4. Run the cable through the hole adding a drip loop at entry
  5. Place the pool noodle on top of the window and roll up the window until the pool noodle is compressed between the glass and the window frame to form a seal
  6. Leave enough slack in the cable inside the vehicle to allow the door to be opened without disturbing the seal
  7. Check for gaps with a bright flashlight from inside the vehicle

Pool noodles offer a simple, inexpensive solution to the “cords in, weather out” dilemma often faced by mobile radio users. If you hurry, you might even beat your children to the pool supplies this year!

This trick will be especially handy when deploying a Skymira GoKIT™.

Of course, if you’re looking for an April fool’s prank that’s sure to get reactions, you could always try a pool noodle with a little more personality like one of these (HT: Jon Young):