Radio manufacturers have been searching for solutions to improve user mobility since the invention of the first mobile two-way radio, commonly known as the walkie-talkie. This solution has traditionally consisted of portable handheld radios, along with supporting infrastructure such as a base station and remote receivers to provide additional coverage for marginal areas. A vehicle-based repeater system is another solution that relays messages from a mobile radio to the base station—however, repeater systems are typically quite cumbersome. Both of these approaches require careful engineering and complex management protocols to prevent interference between multiple repeaters in the field. The X10DR secure wireless microphone provides a simpler and less expensive means for remote workers to remain in contact.

How it Works

A vehicle-mounted mobile radio is often a first responder’s primary method of communication with their base station and other field units. However, returning to a vehicle to provide an update often slows operations, costing valuable time that can put lives at risk. The X10DR wireless mic uses revolutionary technology that allows field operatives to remain in constant contact via a vehicle-mounted radio. This solution has a range of up to 500 meters, or ⅓ of a mile     , from the vehicle.


The X10DR wireless radio communication system can provide six or more user operations from a single unit by using a junction box to send and receive signals. The Talkaround button allows local voice communications to occur off network while ensuring mobile radio users can hear their traffic. You can also connect the X10DR to the Explorer 323 radio system to obtain over-the-horizon communications. Radio over IP (RoIP) connects the X10DR to an RoIP Gateway, allowing push-to-talk communications over the internet.

Emergency Features

The X10DR has a duress button that users can press to call for assistance in an emergency, even when they’re hundreds of meters from their vehicle. The Find Me™ feature allows you to locate the X10DR by double-pressing a button on the vehicle’s charging cradle, which causes the unit to emit an alarm tone. This feature could be essential in emergencies situations such as a lost or unconscious user.

Long Battery Life

The X10DR’s internal battery carries a maximum charge of 1450 milliampere-hours (mAH), which typically provides more than 24 hours of operation between recharges. This battery can completely recharge in less than four hours in the docking cradle. Desktop changers can also recharge single units or up to six units at a time, depending on the model.

Emergency responders and other personnel who need to communicate while in the field are often restricted in their duties by traditional mobile radios. The X10DR wireless microphone overcomes these limitations by allowing users to communicate even when they’re away from their vehicles. These units also work in groups to extend the range of communications more simply and less expensively than traditional repeaters. Additional features of the X10DR that are particularly beneficial for emergency personnel include a duress button and long battery life. For more information on the X10DR or if you’re interested in purchasing some, contact our team at SkyMira today.