Intelsat’s Multi-Layered Communication System and Skymira’s P25 IP Relay work together to provide no-fail coverage for P25 radios. The combined power of this technology ensures land mobile radios are always connected with audio, GPS location, and subscriber ID. Thanks to this partnership, radio users can have secure, reliable coverage wherever they go.

For too long, agents, line workers, and other critical workers have had to operate in areas with little or no radio coverage. The safety risks of being unable to get real-time updates or call for backup can be life-threatening. Skymira and Intelsat believe these unsung heroes deserve better. That is why they are partnering to provide a dependable solution for P25 radio users.

Until recently, radio over IP (RoIP) gateways only supported audio transmissions. This left dispatch unaware of the location of individuals in the field and complicated coordination and safety initiatives.

The new Skymira P25 IP Relay (P25-IPR) addresses this long-standing issue by transparently transmitting both audio and data – including GPS location, subscriber ID, and emergency alerts – over IP networks. The P25-IPR serves as a highly secure, portable repeater. The vendor-agnostic design means it can connect any P25 radio over any IP network to eliminate gaps in coverage, provide disaster resilience, and create true interoperability.

Intelsat’s Multi-Layer Communication System (MLCS) seamlessly aggregates and blends bandwidths across satellite (GEO, MEO, LEO), mobile, and terrestrial networks. For example, a particular MLCS application might utilize a combination of geostationary satellites, low earth orbit satellites, and LTE to provide guaranteed bandwidth and speed. This diversity of network resources mitigates the impact of potential failures and facilitates the flexibility to adapt to changing operational conditions.

By connecting your P25 radios to Intelsat’s Multi-Layer Communication System via the Skymira P25 IP Relay, you achieve no-fail radio coverage. The redundancy and automatic failover inherent in this solution ensure that radios are always in-network for reliable mission critical communications.

For more information about getting no-fail coverage for P25 radios, contact Skymira’s RoIP experts.


Skymira makes sure frontline workers have communications they can count on. Their innovative radio over IP (RoIP) solutions eliminate gaps in land mobile radio coverage. The new Skymira P25 IP Relay, creates a highly secure, portable P25 network that transmits audio and data, including GPS locations of portable radios, over any IP network including satellite, FirstNet, and LTE.

Since 1998, Skymira has been creating satellite-enabled solutions for workflow challenges. Federal government agencies and commercial customers use Skymira’s satellite push-to-talk solutions to achieve highly secure, reliable communications. To learn more about how Skymira provides no-fail coverage for land mobile radios, visit